oh my gosh!!!Permainu!!Duokit permainu!

I have nothing to say about today.Day like a lot of days before.
Boring.I feel so bored.
At night about 00.00 p.m i read english book.But tommorow i will go to Kaunas so tonight i wont read it, i dont know how to say in english "tranzinti" xDDD

Two tourists today asked me,"what doesnt mean that words? (i was near bridge);
i said that means"i love you "and"i love you too"
or "i love you" ,"me too, and heart".
Tourists said "oh.."
i was smiling.

today i was thinking about 3 people all day long.I dont know how to say"px" xDD

OK,I go to the kitchen to talk with my mum.

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